US, Israeli flags burned at London protest against US anti-Islamic film – Israel News, Ynetnews

US, Israeli flags burned at London protest against US anti-Islamic film – Israel News, Ynetnews.

So…….. Does anyone believe that these people are our friends??? I mean really!!! They lay around dreaming up sh*t to hate us for!!! They burn our country’s flag over a film that a small group of people made. You know…………if you don’t like a movie, DON’T WATCH IT!!! But the film is nothing more than something they pin their hate to. The hate was there long before the film came out!!! Let’s face it, I have not seen the film myself, but it’s already cost people’s lives, and our Embassy to be burned. These actions performed by followers of “The religion of peace and love”. Realistically, there has been no “Peace” in the islamic religion for 1400 years!!! And there never will be!!! This “religion” is no religion at all. It’s more of a cult of world domination. Their goal is to make the planet Earth and everyone living here followers. And if you choose not to follow, they will kill you, plain and simple. Once their numbers are great enough, that’s what will happen!!! I would have no problem with these people if theirs was simply a belief, a religion, that followed a deity, ANY deity. Believe in your God, or Gods, and live your life in peace and leave everyone else to live theirs. But that is NOT what we are dealing with here! These people will openly tell you that they want Israel destroyed, and you can pose that question to just about ANY muslim, and if they answer it honestly then they’ll tell you it’s true that they want to see Israel destroyed. And let me tell you, the United States is right there with Israel, they want us all dead too. If you do not recognize that then you really need to pay attention to what is going on across the world!!! For the past 1400 years the muslims have been at war with non-muslims. And that will continue until either there are no more muslims, or there are no more non-muslims!!! Because their goal is world domination, there can be no peace while there is those who do not believe in their religion, the “Infidels” must all die or convert to islam, PERIOD!!! They have designed a “New” plan to dominate the planet now, since they have figured out that they cannot beat us militarily, they are now using the “Creeping Sharia” technique. That plan is to quite simply infiltrate our country from top to bottom, in every aspect of our economy and government. Using civil rights groups as fronts, they sue our government for more and more “rights” for muslims, more and more “Sharia” in America. They are infiltrating the banking system, making our banks follow their beliefs. And the banks are succumbing to it. The amount of mosques built-in America has skyrocketed. They will slowly “islamify” America, a little at a time, while Americans themselves help them in the name of “equal rights”. Don’t get me wrong, I have no p[problem with them having the same rights as you and I. My problem lies in the fact that they want America to CHANGE, to conform, into a “Sharia compliant” country. It’s happening right now, all around you. If you do not see it, it’s because you are not paying attention!!! PLEASE start paying attention before it’s too late!!! I urge to stay updated on the every day attacks by them against the United States and Israel. Go to It’s a great place to get reliable information. They get their news from many different sources, and it’s a one stop shop for important FACTS about the slow, deliberate, infiltration of America, and the world!!! Another great place to stay on top of the daily attacks against Christians world-wide is Pamela Geller has been labeled a “Hate Group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for nothing more than telling the TRUTH!!! I check into news that I read and watch, to make sure that it is factual, and I have never seen her make a statement that was not backed up in fact……Which tells you that 1.) She’s making a difference!!! and 2.) That the SPLC is nothing more than a politically funded propaganda machine!!! I do not believe in “Hate”. People are ALL equal, no matter the color of their skin, the part of the world they are from, what language they speak, what religion they are part of, if they are religious. I judge a man on his Character alone!!! A man of strong character is a good man, regardless of his color, religion, ethnic background, etc….. PERIOD!!! If a man is a criminal, a bigot, a religious zealot , a hater, a killer of innocent people……Then he is a bad man!!! I don’t discriminate, I hate bad men of any color, religion, ethnic background!!! I wish that islam was a religion of “Peace and Love”, but let’s face it, it is not!!! The evidence is everywhere. It is a cult, designed to dominate the world, repress women, promote hate and terror. They have their eye on America now, and they are succeeding thus far!!! America has always been a champion of civil rights and respect for all religions…….And that is what they are exploiting to infiltrate our country with Sharia Law and it’s atrocities. We cannot succumb!!! America must preserve its own laws, and rights, not change to meet theirs!!! America is going to slowly evolve into a society like Europe, with muslim influence everywhere, dominating our society. Is that what you want for your children??? PLEASE stay informed for your own good, and the good of America!!!

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Stay informed!!! Knowledge is the strongest weapon in our arsenal against terror!!! God Bless you all.


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