Creeping Sharia

More taxation for Islamization. When did Ireland become an Islamic community? via Shahed Amanullah Visited Dublin | Embassy of the United States Dublin, Ireland.

Shahed Amanullah visited Ireland from April 1 – 3. Shahed is the Senior Advisor for Technology for the Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities at the US Department of State, working on digital diplomacy projects for the Special Representative, who reports directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday, March 31 Shahed Amanullah and the Karyn Posner Mullen (Diractor of Public Affairs at U.S. Embassy Dublin) met with influential parents and youth from the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre in Dublin. This Shia Mosque, commonly referred to as the Milltown Mosque, has an energized membership that is interested in both intrafaith relations within the Irish Muslim community and interfaith relations with the overwhelmingly Catholic population in Ireland. Shahed shared his vision for the…

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