US funds it’s own demise

Is it sinking in yet??? The fact that our government is funding the US demise??? What do you think these people are doing with OUR money??? Well it’s a safe bet that most of it will be used to attack America, whether through bombings or legal attacks furthering their causes. Let me ask you something, do you work to send these people YOUR money when we have needy Americans??? To “buy” friendship that will never develop because they want to kill or convert us all. It’s time EVERY American tell his/her representative that we want them to STOP funding terror……..and as far as that goes, we are tired of them giving our money away!!! I know Pakistan is supposed to be one of our “allies”. But do you really believe they are our friends??? I mean really. Our government has given over 4 BILLION dollars to the muslim brotherhood, and countless other funds to many other muslim nations……….The only thing I see they have in common is a hatred for Americans!!! So why is it we want to give them our hard earned money again??? Can you say “STUPID”??? Because you and I both know they sit over there and just laugh themselves to sleep at night, thinking of those stupid Americans, funding their own destruction. Not t mention the fact that we are up to our eyeballs in debt!!! Why would anyone that is deeply in debt be giving away their money???


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