We are the government, and we are here to help

I love my country! I really do, even with all of her faults, and injustices, The United States of America is still the greatest country on the planet. Companies like Facebook edit our conservative posts, while refusing to edit offensive posts by atheists. And Twitter protects the rights of those same atheists as they perpetrate attacks on Christians and Christian views, while diligently suspending the accounts of those Christians who don’t like it, and actually say something. The liberal media spews biased, Obama pushing, left leaning, propaganda which it tries to sell off as news. We have mass shootings perpetrated by left-wing radicals, and the news media ties them to the TEA Party in front of its national audience. They later retract it quietly, hoping nobody will notice, the implication having already been made to millions. They seize the moment and use it to promote their gun grabbing liberal agenda, when, if the truth be told, one-armed man in the audience could have stopped the shooter. But they won’t tell you that! It’s everything our founders warned us about and then some! America stands at the crossroads. If liberals get their way we’ll become the USSA, with government benefits and intrusion for all! They try to make you a victim, and sell you that victim mentality.

Why you ask? Because as a victim you’ll feel as if you need help, help which the government will offer to you. It’s ok little John or Jane American…..The big strong government will be here to help you. You need us in every aspect of your lives! You need our protection, you need our help and guidance. Because you cannot make it on your own. You need us to tell you how to eat, how big your soda should be, what comes in a kid’s meal, and how big a serving size should be. You cannot possibly make these decisions on your own, you need our help! So be sure to vote for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, we’ll appoint some more czars to make all these decisions for you. We’ll give millions to foreign countries that want to kill us all. We’ll give millions more to research cow poop and it’s effects on the ozone.

We’ll give your hard-earned tax dollars to those who refuse to get off the couch and find a job, to support themselves, when they are perfectly able to do so. We will not even require them to look for work, why interfere with their leisure time? After all you work, we’ll just let you support them, they need their rest! We’ll take God out of schools and out of people’s lives. Any mention of God will be met with a lawsuit and a campaign demonizing Him, and religion.

We’ll draw cartoons promoting socialism while tearing down and demonizing capitalism. We’ll promote gay rights over the rights of everyone else, anyone who does not agree will meet with mayors whom threaten to close their businesses and refuse to allow them the permits they need to operate. We’ll tell you that your Christian values are not our values, that Christianity has no place in our cities, the cities which we control. We’ll tell you that The Constitution is an outdated document, which has no place in our highly advanced society, that it needs to be re-written to reflect our new values, the same values that attack Christianity, God, and morals, and promote anarchy and occupy movements which attack the American Dream, demonizing success and hard work, earning an honest living. Replacing it with dependency and helplessness.

We’ll indoctrinate your children through our curriculum in public schools, starting with teaching them they came from apes, and banning any reference to intelligent design. We’ll go around the world and apologize for being successful, for being hard-working, for being American. We’ll tell these other countries that America is weak, and Americans should be ashamed of their success. We’ll bow to sheiks who support the killing of any and all non-muslims, because they are wise and worthy of our worship. We’ll give money to the muslim brotherhood so they may use it to build more mosque in America, bring more Americans to Islam, promote sharia law, and kill those who refuse to become a faithful muslim, because we cannot have these infidels running around America! We’ll use the media to promote our radical agenda while labeling opposing views as crazy, radical, right-wing extremist, fringe, and racist.

We’ll use our control of the media to promote racial violence by editing stories and making them appear to be racist, and suppressing those that do not. When racist groups like the black panthers put a price on a man’s life because of these edited stories we’ll use our political power to make sure they are not prosecuted, and that the media will not show it to the public, because they just don’t need to know. We’ll give guns to drug cartels so they can wipe out their competition, and when these guns kill our own border patrol agents we’ll cover it up. We’ll put Eric Holder in front of congress to answer for these crimes, and before they get the truth our president will invoke executive privilege, which can only be done if he was a part of it all. Which he was not, but so what? We are running this! Congress will find Holder guilty of obstructing justice, but they cannot punish him in any way. We are in power, and can do as we please, without repercussions. We control the laws you live under and can choose who must obey them.

We cannot be expected to live under the laws we write, only you and those we choose have to obey them. Speech which we do not support will be outlawed, and banned from the airwaves. Those who oppose us will marginalized, demonized, and dismissed as radical and racist. We will make accusations based on no evidence whatsoever and present them as fact, and tell the accused it is his place to disprove them, that he is guilty until proven innocent. We will promote hate, racism, and class warfare to divide the nation, pitting American against American, because together they are too strong.

We’ll give the United Nations power over our sovereign nation, letting our enemies vote on how America should behave. We’ll promote gun registration, so we’ll know where they are when we want to come get them. We’ll tell you that you don’t need guns, that we will take care of you, that the founders were wrong about preventing tyranny and defending yourself. We want to outlaw guns so that only criminals will have them, because responsible citizens like you cannot be trusted with them, and how the world will be a safer place once we take them away from you. We will stop funding NASA and turn them into a muslim PR group, after all we can hitch a ride to space with the Russians. Never mind the fact that the country that controls space controls every aspect of a modern society like cell phones, credit cards, military satellites for national defense, and intelligence data for the whole world.

We’ll tell you we do not need these things, that despite history telling us about power-hungry individuals wanting to rule the world over and over again, these things will never happen again. There is no need to protect America from the tyrants of the world, because man has evolved into a kind and gentle species, who would never even think of harming America. We’ll tell you that everyone on the planet has suddenly become our friends and only want to help us. We’ll cut the military budget because there is nobody in the world that wishes to harm us. We’ll punish hard work, and we’ll reward lazy, dependent behavior. There is no reason to work, because those hard-working Americans will support the rest of us. We’ll prosecute soldiers for doing their jobs and we’ll let the terrorists go. We’ll proclaim that the war on terror is over, and we’ll ban the term “terrorist”. We’ll promote unicorn milk and passivity.

The other side??? Well they promote self-reliance, responsibility, and defending the Constitution. They believe that the United States of America should remain a sovereign nation, and not an extension of the United Nations. They believe that government should be small and thrifty, and only do what is absolutely necessary for the people of America like providing law and order, infrastructure, and maintaining a strong military for the defense of its citizens against foreign enemies. They believe that weapons in the hands of responsible citizens not only protects the nation from a tyrannical government possibly taking over, but it also helps prevent crime. Criminals, just like tyrants, do not like armed victims! They support religious freedom and personal responsibility, and following the wisdom contained in the Constitution. They do not believe that the Constitution is an outdated document. They don’t support giving our hard-earned money to countries that hate us. They would rather see it used here at home, where we have a laundry list of uses for it.

They believe in helping out their fellow-man, but do not believe the government should force anyone to give to
charity, they believe instead that charity is best left to those feeling charitable. They believe in helping people find jobs, while helping them get back on their feet. But they do not believe that welfare was intended to be a career choice.

They believe in voting for people who share their beliefs. They believe that racism exist, but having a different
political ideology than someone of a different race does not make you racist. But it’s ok………we will protect you from their kind of thinking. We are here, and we can run your whole life. You do not need to make any of these hard decisions for yourself. You cannot be expected to work, and make these tough decisions for yourself, we have people who will do that for you. Just rest there on your couch, we’ll send you a check as soon as we steal some more money from one of those evil, hard-working, radicals. Just rest easy knowing that your government has it under control, just like immigration……we have this!


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